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    The Hippy Chick Ibiza signature BEADWORK 

    It's all about beading!The skilled hands of our artisans are what makes Hippy Chick clothing so unique. Every garment has its own intricate design of beading of the highest quality, created in a way that is meant to resist your active life and rhythms.

    Pioneeringeco-chic fashion 

    Since 15 years we are working on what we call conscious fashion, aiming for a more sustainable production process, carefully choosing the most natural materials, and developing packaging. 

    Our origins 

    Hippy Chick is a family brand, born in 2005 on the beautiful island of IBIZA. It is the natural result of coming from an Italian family of clothing designers plus the inspiration of years of nomadic life, traveling through Asia and South America. 

    The Hippy Chick Family 

     Our collections find their origin in the richness of ethnic and gypsy cultures that we’ve encountered in our trips… their sumptuous materials, vibrant color palettes, exotic handcrafts, and unique production techniques are the infinite source of our inspiration. At those times Cecilia was known as “the Hippy Chick”, due to her talent in discovering “treasure garments” and mixing them up, creating her signature boho style. In 1999 she created the first production in Bali, to be sold in the still virgin areas of Mexico. Today we work as a family with a common dream, to create a better world through conscious actions. 


     We believe in a sustainable and a balanced way of working and living. We love our rural house, that runs on solar power and has its own water resources, surrounded by our ever-growing animal-family, and our smiling baby.


    Discovering "Treasure Garments"

    The origins of the collections come from the richness of gypsy cultures

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